Repair PDF Guide

How to integrate the Repair PDF tool into your application to fix damaged or corrupted files using iLovePDF’s REST API.

Remember that in order to use our Tool Guides, you need to have previous knowledge about the basics to processing a PDF with our REST API. We strongly recommend that you read the Processing a PDF guide before starting this one.

Basic repair

Repair is one of the simplest iLoveAPI tools to use and can be done by simply uploading one or more files, like in this example code:

Basic repair

With this code, file1_name.pdf will be uploaded to be repaired. If the file was repaired successfully (or wasn't originally damaged!) the process will end successfully and files will be ready to download.

However,sometimes it is possible that one or more files are heavily damaged and cannot be repaired. For these cases, the Repair tool will inform you with a warning message indicating which files couldn't be repaired.

That's it! Remember that you can explore more functions like setting the output filename in the Common features guide.