Discover iLoveAPI Features

We bring together iLovePDF & iLoveAPI features you need to simplify digital document workflows

Development made easy

  • Develop your own integration with a complete API Reference and Official Library guides with test-ready examples
  • Improved upload and download tracking using webhooks
  • Dedicated technical support via email
Libraries, stats and service certifications
User files

Get the best quality and performance

  • Upload option available from local drive or URL
  • Edit documents before batch processing, option available for all tools
  • Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime

Compliant with the highest security standards

  • No data mining, no ads, no spyware: Your files are 100% private and encrypted
  • HTTPS SSL Secure Connection (SHA256)
  • JWT Authentication for project protection
  • Domain filtering for client Side Libraries. IP filtering for Server Side Libraries
Office with people

Choose your pricing plan

  • All prices are VAT Inclusive
  • You will receive file limit alerts when running out of files
  • Tax invoicing available for Business and individual customers
  • Custom plans available on demand