A robust and easy to implement e-Signature API

Automate the signing process with legally binding e-signatures

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Why choose the iLoveAPI?

Powerful and Secure

All documents are stored in European servers and encrypted at rest using AES 256-bit encryption.

Built for scalability

iLovePDF has 10+ years of experience in document management services, being a reliable software provider trusted by millions.

Easy to integrate

We provide extensive and detailed documentation that will make your integration quick and hassle-free

Everything you need for integrating secure eSignature workflows

Core features
  • Audit trail

    Get a record of each signature request to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped.

  • Branding

    iLoveAPI API offers white labeling to create a fully branded experience for your signers.

  • Signer fields

    Prepare documents for signing by adding fields like signature, text boxes, dates, and much more.

  • Signature Types

    Add legally binding eSignatures to your documents. Choose between simple or certified signatures.

  • SMS Authentication

    Request enhanced recipient authentication using SMS.

Document archiving
  • PDF/A

    Store signed documents in PDF/A format for long term preservation and archiving.

  • Tamper-proof documents

    All the documents signed on our platform contain a Digital Signature to ensure they are tamper-proof.

  • SDK for popular languages

    iLoveAPI provides official SDKs for Python, Ruby, PHP, NodeJS, and .NET.

  • Technical support

    Get in touch with an iLoveAPI Technical Support agent to assist you in all your API inquiries.

  • API documentation

    Concise and easy-to-navigate documentation written by developers for developers.

  • API Dashboard

    Follow up the status of your API requests and inspect callbacks for easy troubleshooting.

  • Webhooks

    Integrate Webhooks to push real-time notifications to your web application.

  • Advanced EIDAs Signatures

    iLoveAPI’s e-signatures are compliant with the European Union eIDAS standard (EU No.910/2014).

  • ISO27001

    iLoveAPI is ISO 27001 certified and is proactive towards information security threats.

  • GDPR

    iLoveAPI complies with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


iLoveAPI offers prepaid packages at a competitive price. Create a pack that suits your needs and pay as you go with no commitment.
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The security of your data is our #1 priority

All files uploaded to iLovePDF are encrypted using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). iLovePDF does not access, use, analyze or store any processed data. If you want to know more about iLovePDF’s data collection, read our Privacy Policy.
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Learn how to easily implement Digital Signatures in your project

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