Getting started

This guide will help you get the secret key and public key for your iLoveAPI projects and show you how easy it is to authenticate your project to the API servers.

We’re guessing that if you arrived here, you are probably already a registered user. If you are not, you’ll need to register in order to use the iLoveAPI. You can also download one of our API Libraries to work with. If there is no Library available for your coding language, our API Reference section may help you to create your own library.

Once you have a username and password, log in to access your personal administration console.

Create a new app

Once you have logged in to your administration console, you will have access to all the information needed to track your projects and your subscription.

Please note that when you register, a Default Project will be automatically created with its own key pair: A public key with a secret key attached to it. Every time you create a New Project, you’ll get a new public key and a secret key. You need to set them in the API Library code which you downloaded in order to authenticate with our servers.

Authenticate your project

iLoveAPI uses the JSON Web Tokens method for secure authentication. For more information about this method and how we use it, take a look at the Authentication section of our API reference. For now, you can authenticate your project as easily as this:


This way you’ll authenticate ALL your actions with the API. Now you can execute any tasks to process PDF files.

Follow on from this guide by reading Processing a PDF.